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Christmas Shopping at Greenhills Tiangge

We're finally finished with our christmas shopping yesterday.  Didn't think we will be able to finish shopping for gifts in just 2 consecutive weekends (read here for part 1 of our christmas shopping).  But thank goodness, we pulled it off!  This time around, we spent the whole day at the Tiangge inside Greenhills Shopping Center.

Hubby was right when he told me that, other than weekdays, shopping in Greenhills is best done on a Sunday morning for there won't be that many shoppers.  I said, "Are you kidding me? Greenhills?  At this time of the year?"  He answered me with "I promise, Honey!"

Tiangge area (Image from ByteCity)
So our "make-it-or-break-it" christmas-shopping day arrived.  We woke up a little late and left the house close to 11.  We managed to make a drive-thru to an ATM before proceeding to Greenhills.  It was really weird being able to "cruise" the streets that time.  There was zero-to-very-light traffic near Tiendesitas and in all of Frontera Verde area.  And it was the same in Ortigas Avenue en route to Greenhills.  Hubby was telling me, "Look traffic!"  And I told him not to say anything for I was afraid that he might "talk to soon" and "jinx" everything.  That's how Cupid and I are...he is the optimist, while I'm the "pessimist".  But Cupid was right, yet again.  Indeed, I didn't see that many people and cars in Greenhills around that time.  Even the 3-level parking building we went to had one (1) entire level that was empty.  It felt weird at first, but it was also a real relief to shop without the crowds.  I just wasn't expecting it, that's all.

Pearls galore! (Image from Flickr)
You see, my mom was just there yesterday, a Saturday.  She said that it was packed with people; and advised us to wear face masks because a lot were coughing, sniffling, and sneezing.  She even said that the crowd appeared like a sea of bodies, with mini wave ripples; and that the experience gave her a headache when she got home.  My mom is very graphic, that way (hehehe).

But I eventually saw the crowds that Sunday...slowly but surely...past 2 in the afternoon.  By then, Cupid and I were almost done with our shopping.  And soon enough we said goodbye to Greenhills and its loyal holiday patrons.  If I hadn't seen them, I would've thought that the magic of the Greenhills Tiangge had disappeared or, worse, that people's Christmas spirits have died.  I mean, yesterday was the last Sunday before Christmas after all.  Good thing that the people didn't fail me. :)
Local food items (Image from My Quiet Zone)
For all my years of going to Greenhills for Christmas shopping, I never knew there was that small window where not many people know about, and which you can take advantage of.  Cupid reminded me that Sundays are that one day of the week where people relax; do not make a habit of waking up early; and when most people make going to church and hearing mass the first part of their day.  As such, tiangge shop owners and keepers clamber for the attention of the few shoppers present during those lull opening store hours and are, thereby, majorly amenable to haggling in the hopes of making an early "buena mano" transaction (I seriously suggest you read about The Bueno Mano Concept here).  In addition, the hours between 12noon to 2pm are when families leisurely eat lunch with one another.

Novelty shirts (Image from Bleacher's Brew)
So with these principles in mind, it does make sense to shop in bazaars or tiangges, either on weekdays or a Sunday morning -- if you want to shop hassle-free and plan to get some really great bargains.  Great shopping tip, huh?!  I think so.

I hope that all of you have finished your christmas shopping.  If you haven't, then there is still time.  If you wish, you can opt to make, bake or cook the presents yourselves!  You can also decide to just give gifts to the kids, the little ones (I'm sure the grown ups will not mind).  What's really important is just being together to celebrate and observe the birth of Christ.  That is already a blessing in itself!

Catch you later, dear ones.  I still have gift-wrapping to do! :)

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