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2010 Soriano Family Christmas Lunch

December 26 is always the day when my husband's side of the family comes over to celebrate Christmas.  Our post-Christmas ritual usually involves a hearty lunch, followed with either an afternoon siesta or all-afternoon catching-up of stories.  Afterwhich, we say our goodbyes and call it a day.  It was different this year.  Cupid's brother and his family stayed until night time and we even took them home.  I even believe that if Wings didn't have any prior appointments, then they would have stayed longer or even overnight.  It was still a holiday that following day anyway.  Perhaps it is because we miss each other's company and did not really want to part ways early.  Whatever the reason, it was truly a fun but relaxed day with family!

I really enjoy having Wings and my nieces over.  For one, they're family.  Second, they are so easy to please.  I don't really need to try so hard entertaining them...as long as they can relax in our room, have bunch of pillows and mattresses and have unlimited access to the internet (hehehe!), which they tell us is FAST (thanks PLDT!).  Third, they're not picky eaters.  You can serve them whatever food you have in the fridge.  You know how much of a relief that is?!

Anyway, below are some of the pictures my husband Cupid took from that day.

Maia's Godfather/ Uncle Wings Soriano, and cousins Zoe and Sky, greet her hello.  But my little one is still sleepy, shy, and much of a princess to greet them back or give them a hug!

Sky is getting more beautiful each and everytime we see her!

Zoe is hungry for the burger patties that came straight from the grill.  It is the first time that they have tasted Cupid's burgers, which they say are "great-tasting and juicy"!  I'm so proud for my honey :)

Father and daughter loving their gifts!

The two are now back in the room, relaxing on the bed, and taking full advantage of the "fast internet connection" (according to them) and downloading applications for their gadgets and mobile phones.

Beautiful girls, Maia and Sky, at play :)

Cupid took this picture of me sans make-up.  Yes, I'm THAT comfortable around my in-laws! Hehehe :)

Wings and his gorgeous girls! :)

Maia is seen here already warmed-up to her Tito Wings and cousins :)

Sky pretending to be in some kind of transportation using Maia's foam play set     |
Maia trying to decipher and play with my 20Q!
(Sometime after these pictures, Zoe's mom and stepdad picked her up to do more Christmas shopping.)

Sky enjoying the pink walkie-talkies we gave her.  Seems her father is as much thrilled about it as she is!     |
Sky seen here playing with the Magic Sketcher.  At one point, she noted that "Maia has so many toys!" :)

Tita Kandace arrived just in time for merienda, and so Sky made her "Krabby Patty" (So cute!)  Other than the leftover hamburgers, we also served Queso De Bola and CDO Holiday Ham.  (Too bad that hubby forgot to take a photo of them!)

Sky was a bit upset when her father wouldn't allow her to drive to the park because it was getting dark.

We went back to our room for more TV-watching, sleeping, catching-up and photo-taking.  After that was dinner consisting of pork, pork and more pork (leftovers like lechon, pork sinigang, and ham)...plus leche flan for dessert :)

If there's one thing that I regret from that day, it is that Cupid is NOT IN ANY of the photos! Nevertheless, I hope you all enjoyed viewing them.  Thank you for your time and Godspeed!

To Weng and Kandace, Zoe and Sky...thanks for coming over!  We're sure to see you guys again soon!

Here, by the way, is my post on last year's Soriano Christmas:


Make sure to let me in on your own Christmas reunions/ celebrations, okay?  Leave a link in the comments section and I'll sure pay you a visit.  Can't wait to read your stories!

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