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Bayot Family Christmas Party (2010)

Another year, another memorable Christmas reunion party for the Bayot family.  It was especially memorable this time around for a number of reasons.  First, because my Aunt and Uncle from San Francisco are on vacation here.  Second, because Bella is celebrating her first Christmas.  And third, because we are joined by Frenjick, my brother's partner, for the first time.  Indeed, our family is growing!  Oh, have I mentioned that my sister is now 4 months pregnant with her second baby?  Yes, there will be a new addition next year...and I can't wait!

I hope you won't mind that I will be posting many photos here today.  It's just such a memorable day like that with family and loved ones, one cannot help but take plenty of pictures to capture the moment.  You just can't.

Once again, I will let the photos do the "talking".  I thank you also for taking the time to view them.

May the spirit of Christmas be always with you and yours throughout the New Year!  Godspeed everyone!

Maia playing with cousin Ram                    |          My merry Dad Ver

My cousins Kati and Gay, Tita Arlyn and Tita Didi, my mom May, yours truly     |
Hubby Cupid and his Goddaughter Bella

My niece Ilka, little nephews Sonny, Ram, and Dax, with dad and Uncle Ernie     |
My parents, me, Maia and Cupid

Tita Didi playing with Maia     |     Gotcha Gay!  (We sure envy your camera)

Frenjick and my brother Marc          |          Hubby supervising the girls:  Bella, Maia, and Andie

Brothers Jeth and Sonny playing with Tita Jaja's iPad     |
Maia being playful and coy

Cupid with his posse - Sonny and Dax     |          My beautiful niece Bella and her gorgeous mom Pia

Ilka singing and playing with the guitar     |     Maia is Ilka's No. 1 Fan! :)

My nephew Tor getting in on the act     |     ... and so are Andie and Lolo Ver

Mommy playing the piano     |     Daddy singing along

Maia wants to play the piano too!  Seen here first with her Yaya Ann... and then with her daddy next.

My cousin Gay facilitated the parlor games that day.  One for the kids...

...and another one for the "angels of our households" :)

Time to say grace and bless the food.  We had Christmas Ham, Pesto Bread and different kinds of spreads

Chicken Galantina (c/o the Dela Cruzes)     |     Lengua Estofado (c/o Frenjick's mom)

Barbecued Cheese Hotdogs     |     2-Kinds Steamed Fish (c/o Gay and Badot)

Pancit Molo     |     Adobong Antipolo (c/o us, the Sorianos)

A picture of us, fattening ourselves some more :)

Silly us...we forgot to take a photo of Tita Arlyn's Spaghetti, Ilka's homemade Tiramisu, Ivy's Salad Bar, the Tobiases Shrimp Stir-fried in butter, garlic and chili sauce, the Bangus relleno, steamed and fried rice, and John Dee's Elar's Lechon!

A photo of all the gifts under the Christmas tree (Santa got really busy this year!)

We want gifts!  We want gifts!
(1st row - The Kids and Uncle Ernie | 2nd row - The Bayot sisters and The Orpillas |
3rd row - The Bustamantes and The Tobiases | last row - The Sorianos)

Everyone was waiting for the gift-giving to start     |     "It's gift-giving time!" says Gay and Jeth.

You hear laughter, cheers and "Thank You!" as each name is shouted out and gifts are handed out to their recipients

Gay was wondering why this gift was "peeking out" through its wrapper...     |
... and the Bayot sisters laugh! :)

Bella loved her gift!    |     ... and so did her Lola Arlyn

There were just so many gifts that Kati decided to help in announcing the names and in handing gifts out     |
Then Marc started handing out money-envelopes and gift certificates!

Ram checking out his gift of Magic Books from Tito Cupid and me     |
My niece Andie holding on to her gift from Lolo Ver and La Mimi

Bella was busy discovering her Godfather Cupid's rosary bracelet     |
My sister Jaja doting over her daughter Andie

Is something funny, Maia?     |     Picture of pure joy :)

Cousins Andie and Maia playing

Bustamante teens Ikee and Jeth     |     Bustamante boys Sonny, Dax, and Ram with mom Pia

The Bayot happy together! :)

Jeth Bustamante...The Philippines' Next Top Model???  :-)

Me, Cupid, and Dax...tired but happy     |     Partners in crime...Tor and Andie

Smokers Union...Kati, Frenjick, and Marc     |     Our hosts, my cousin Ivy and her hubby Van     |
My cousin John Dee, his wife Pia, and their unica hija Bella

Merry Christmas from the Bayot clan!

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How about you? How was your Christmas celebration like?

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