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Opening of Christmas Gifts

Would you believe that we were only able to open our gifts two (2) days after Christmas?  It's true!  There were just so many things we needed to do first.  It also took me a while to post these photos as I tried first to remember which gift came from whom.

Opening Christmas gifts always elicits good feelings from me.  I think I speak for everyone when I say that it brings out the child in every one.  Of course, Christmas is more than just about opening presents.   It's about commemorating the birth of our Lord with people that you love; and knowing that they love you, care for you, and appreciate you for who you are.

Having said that, I just wanted to say that I LOVE all the gifts that we received this year!  Thank you everyone!  I do hope you enjoy the photos I've posted below.  Thanks for your time and Godspeed!

Lilo Tomato Bedsheet Set from my cousins Gay and Badot     |
Gift Basket from my cousins John Dee, Pia, and their children

Dupont Dacron Pillows from my brother Marc     |
Organic Traditions Sparkling Apple and Cherry Juice from my cousin Kati

MISISPI Oatmeal Cookies from Frenjick     |
Assorted Mini Hershey's chocolates from my LA-based cousins Jay, Lea, and their children     |
Imported Rose Bowl Spanish Style Sardines (and a nice looking dish) from my cousins Van, Ivy, and children

Gifts from my Uncle Ernie and Tita Didi from San Francisco!
1st row:  Celebrity Ham and Nescafe Taster's Choice House Bland Coffee
2nd row:  Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion and a pack of assorted goodies (with taped note saying "Popcorn is for Maia ONLY!")

Foldable utility box from Cupid's college friend, Temmy.  It now serves as Maia's (1) toy chest for her Mega Bloks, and (2) imaginary car (powered by her daddy) :-)

Not in photo are the deliciously homemade polvorons from our neighbor Inday; the very healthy Tanglad tea bags from Mario (another neighbor); and some really yummy homemade baked goods from Cupid's college friend, Lorna.  I'm sorry that I am unable to post photos as we already consumed them all.

Gifts for Cupid

Canadian Face Towels from his college friend, Chuchay     |
USB Hub (which looks like one of Maia's toy building blocks!) from our extended family, Joel, Kat, Liv and niece, Zoe  :)

Hanes V-neck undershirts from my parents     |
Healthy Options products from my Tita Arlyn (who's also our godparent):  Terra Red Bliss Potato Chips in Olive Oil and Fine Herbs; and Terra Crinkles Garlic-Mashed Potato Chips

Gifts for me

Shopping tote bags from (1) Cupid's college friend and Maia's godmother, Chuchay; and
(2) Cupid's uncle and aunt (and our godparents), Tito Rolly and Tita Kay

Casual blouses and leggings from my mommy and daddy!

Liz Claiborne wallet (with $5.00) from my Uncle Ernie and Tita Didi! :)

My mother-in-law also sent me some new clothes from the States:  Coach wallet (with $10 inside!); a pair of white capri pants; white eyelet blouse; and black leggings (the last 2 of which I wore to the Bayot Family Christmas Party).  Thank you, Mommy Lily! Love you!

Gifts for Maia

Little Suzy's Zoo books from Maia's LA-based Ninang May and Ate Pixie:
Witzy's Fall Collection (by Suzy Spafford), and Rainy Day Friends (by Nancy Parent/ Suzy Spafford)

Barbie Fashionistas (Sweetie) and Barbie Glam Daybed from Ninong John Dee, Tita Pia and cousins    |
Plaid dress by Big & Small Co., plus embroidered jeans from Ninong John, Tita Cathy and cousins

Barbie accessories from Ninang Chuchay:  Fashionable bracelets with interchangeable Barbie icon beads, fancy case, and fun beauty set :-)

Magnetic Learning Easel by First Classroom from Tito Joel, Tita Kat, Liv, and Ate-Ninang Zoe    |
A battery-operated bird that churps and dances to "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" from Lola Arlyn

Monchichi Doll and Disney Grab-and-Go Play Packs from dearest Lola Lily!

Three (3) pairs of pink step-in sandals from SF-based Tito Bing, Tita Ann and cousins     |
Hello Kitty bedroom slippers from Tito Mikko, Tita Dang and cousins

A cute, red pen from our neighbors, Edna and Nonoy     |
42-piece Creative Play Set from Ninangs Badot and Gay

Gifts galore from Lolo Ver and La Mimi:
1st row- Minnie Mouse and Dora night dresses; Mickey Mouse and floral summer dresses
2nd row- Pink floral summer dress; 27-piece Building Blocks set
Last row- Hello Kitty wrap-around towel; 46-piece Tinkerbell Art Set

Castle Cubby House/ Tent from Ninang Angel, Tito Vic and cousins     |
Sleeveless shirt and pants combo by OshKosh B'Gosh from Ninong Andrei

Magnetic Learning Case by Megcos from Ninong Marc (with over 100 magnetic pieces...whew!)     |
Summer Blouse by MotherCare from Ninong Mark, Ninang Jaja, and Ate Andie

Gifts from Ninang Ivy, Tito Van and cousins:  Hair accessories and furry bag by My Fair Princess;
and two (2) 31-pc Magnetic Learning Sets by Wanly Toys

From Uncle Ernie and Lola Didi:  Three (3) stuffed animals - 2 dogs and a bunny;
plus Barbie Mariposa Step Into Reading book

An embroidered denim bag from Tito Frenjick     |
Fluffy Disney Princesses blanket from Lolo Rolly and Lola Kay

And, from us:
Pink, girly walkie-talkies;
Cream-colored Mary Jane shoes; and
100-pc Mega Bloks set (not in photo but a really good buy since she has been playing with them ever since!)

We still intend to buy a few more clothes and footwear for our little Maia.  She is growing really know how it is :)

That's all, folks!  Do drop by again :)

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