Thursday, March 24, 2011

Opening the Last Christmas Gifts

This post is actually just a follow up to my previous post, Late Christmas Reunion with College Buddies.  I briefly mentioned there about our tradition of exchanging gifts once all the eating, catching up and laughing have been exhausted.  Traditionally, the adults exchange gift tokens, while the kids receive toys, clothes, accessories, or Christmas money.

At home the following day, we initially felt a little weird having to still open presents almost a full month after December.  But that feeling soon disappeared as soon as we saw how cute all of Maia's presents were, and how much she seemed to appreciate each of them!

Come have a look see!  Pardon our appearances as opening the presents was our first order of business that one morning of January. :)

From our friends:
Henry & Karen (light but delicious Meringue from Dulcinea);
Peter & Chinggay (a backscratcher, which we totally love but is now lost somewhere in Maia's playroom);
Jon & Marise (food storage/ container made from microwaveable glass).
Thanks guys!  Hope you find our gift token of wooden serving dishes (made/sold by a cooperative of deaf-and-mute craftsmen) very useful! :)

To Maia from Tito Peter and Ninang Chinggay:
Tinkerbell backpack and a pretty checkered dress with flowers and lady bugs.
Maia looks like a doll whenever we have her wear this! :)
 A battery-operated Letter-and-Word Book from Tito Jon & Tita Marise.  So cool! :)

Maia just loves this sun-visor given to her by Tito Henry & Tita Karen!  Isn't it obvious?
This actually came with a matching headband and hair clips.  But the visor emerged the winner! :)

Thanks and Godspeed everyone!

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