Thursday, June 16, 2011

HRH Maia & the Paper Crown Daddy made for her

Maia's dad bought a couple sets of construction paper one day and he even used the first few pieces to make little hats for our daughter and her toys.  This time around he made bigger-sized ones to make a big crown for Her Royal Highness, Maia.

For this "project", Cupid not only used construction paper, but also pens for tracing, scissors for cutting, and a stapler to hold everything together.  He would have decorated it some more but Maia took the crown away from him as soon as she saw it!

Ta-dah!! :D

Maia wore that thing everywhere!  Kept checking herself from all angles in the mirror to see if her crown was still there.  We had to secure it with a hair pin so that it didn't fall off her head.  She almost didn't lie down for her usual afternoon nap because of it!  It was such fun to watch her!

It's times like these when I really appreciate Cupid and his efforts to keep our daughter happy and energized.  I'm so glad that he's "crafty" and creative, because Maia will definitely benefit from it .  Also, because I'm sure lacking in those areas!  I never knew this particular side to him until we had our Maia.  Back when we were still dating, and even after getting engaged, I only knew that he worked in the I.T. industry; collected NBA trading cards, VS System game cards (huh?!), as well as comicbooks; and plays video games.  You know...the typical nerd!  I didn't know that he can draw very well and can make crowns, hats, boats, and "what-not" from pieces of paper.  I know he also dabbled in a little origami! :)

Thank you honey!  Maia and I are VERY LUCKY to have you in our lives!  I just wish I made a point to observe how you made Maia's paper crown.  That way, I can make one for you come Father's Day this weekend.  Oh well!  I guess my love and adoration for you will just have to suffice. ;-D

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