Monday, July 4, 2011

Cousin Haley's 3rd Birthday!

Haley, Maia's second cousin, celebrated her 3rd birthday with a Snow White swimming party! And just like her birthday celebration last year, this one was also held at the exclusive Palms Country Club in Alabang.

With the sun shining but not scorching...patches of fluffy white clouds hovering against a powder-blue backdrop...and topped with some summer was the perfect set-up for an afternoon of swimming and partying with family and friends!  

And when there's a pool, expect to see our Maia splashing in there and having the time of her life. :)

I hope you enjoy viewing the photos I've posted below. Special mention and thanks to our cousin Sem for allowing me to use some of his pictures from the party. :)

Maia in her pink tutu-bathing suit.
She usually swims with her favorite orange lifesaver.
But since the clubhouse kiddie pool is really shallow, we thought of letting her walk instead.
This is her FIRST time, ever, to walk in pool.  She enjoyed it tremendously!
Dad, put me down!  I can now walk in the pool!
Maia was loving her impromptu swimming lessons with daddy!

Dad, may I venture out on my own?

See yah later, Daddy!  Hehehe :D

This is Trixie, Haley's big sister.
Young couple Teban and Klau (our cousin).
Also present were our cousins the Mercado family.
All two (2) generations of them! :)
(Left) Lyndie, Sem (standing), and Sean
(Right) Ardo, Anton, Enzo (standing), Justin, Marky, and Yana

The view from the Pool Bar

The set-up at the Pool Bar
The loot bags for Haley's little guests :)
The pretty centerpiece for the kiddie tables
Yummy party food!
Clubhouse burger, Chicken Lollipops, Spaghetti Carbonara, French Fries, Clubhouse Iced Tea, and Ice Cream
That's me, right smack at the center :).
Together with me at the table are
(L-R) our cousins Minette and Jimmy, Jimmy's friend, my mom-in-law Mommy Lily, and my hubby Cupid.
Our pretty cousins:  Lyndie and Cathy (Haley's gracious mom)
All the other guests were busy eating too :D
That's Haley's dad, Johnny (wearing a cap), making the rounds
Here's the pretty little celebrator, Haley,
fresh from taking a shower after her swimming...
and wearing her favorite Snow White costume. :)

Cake No. 1
Cake No. 2
Set-up for Cake No. 2 :)
Mommy Lily joined the Trip to Jerusalem game...Senior Citizen's Edition! :D 
Look at that pose!  Look at how she is seated!  Very prim and proper. :)

She landed on the Top 3!  Great job Mommy!
Oh, by the way...that's her sister (Haley's grandma) beside her.
Tita Belle ended up as the winner.  Hmm...was the contest rigged? Nah! :)
Happy Birthday Haley! It was a fun and very well thought-out party as usual. Thanks for inviting us! Godspeed princess!

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